The 4 Best Alternatives to Airbnb

With the rise of technological advances and widespread economic development, the sharing economy, also known as the peer-to-peer economy, has grown in popularity and viability. One of the first endeavors to boost the sharing economy’s popularity in the short-term rental space was Airbnb, a San Francisco-based technology startup founded in 2008. Airbnb provides an online and mobile platform that allows users to connect for the purpose of discovering, listing and booking unique accommodations. Since its start, Airbnb has provided short-term rentals, from city apartments to remote villas to ornate castles, to more than 60 million guests around the world. The company boasts over 2 million listings on any given day, spanning more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries.

While Airbnb is the most notable name in the short-term vacation rental space, the tech giant is not the only accommodation-focused platform available to travelers or individuals interested in listing their homes for booking.


Established in 2009 by Greg Marsh and Demetrios Zoppos, onefinestay touts itself as a luxury vacation rental site hosted online. While the company has a smaller reach compared to Airbnb, onefinestay provides a sound

Undervalued Real Esate at Forestar Group

Forestar Group (FOR) is one of the most interesting collection of assets available to investors today. This company owns 111,000 acres of low basis real estate located in 11 states and 14 markets, 7 significant commercial and income-producing assets, and about 590,000 net mineral acres, principally in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia. Forestar also operates roughly 100,000 acres of U.S. land as timberland, generating fiber growth and sales. They also have approximately 1.5 million acres of water interests in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia. The company acts as a real estate developer of single-family and mixed-use master plan communities, as well as multifamily apartment complexes. This segment of the business also sells undeveloped land and partially developed commercial real estate projects.

In spite of this incredibly valuable collection of assets, the stock price has dropped by more than 30% over the past 5 years even as the market has rallied. Comparable real estate​ stocks have gained more than 100% during the same time period. (See also: Economic Reports That Influence Real Estate Stocks.) All the value of the real estate operations, as well as of the timber, mineral and water divisions, has been overshadowed by the company’s

Behind the Hair How To Build an Empire Trump Style

Thanks to a series of luxury real estate developments in the 1980s, Donald J. Trump became an icon of American success and a household name. Though hardly a rags-to-riches store, Trump’s tenacity and talent did launch him from the son of a regionally successful real estate developer to a celebrity business magnate with lasting success over four decades. In this article, we will take a look at the crucial steps that Trump took to build the Trump Organization LLC into the force it is today.

(See also “Donald Trump Biography.”)
Early Life and Education

Donald J. Trump was born in Queens, New York, on June 14, 1946 to Fred and Mary Anne Trump. By the time Donald Trump was born, his father Fred was already an established real estate developer and owner who specialized in middle class rental properties, mostly in the outer boroughs of New York. Trump, who was one of five children, attended a posh private school but had problems with behavior. In order to instill a sense of discipline, Fred and Mary Anne enrolled their eighth-grade son in a military academy where he excelled in both academics and athletics. After his high school graduation, Trump

Benefits Of Buying Home Online

For certain reason like career opportunity or some, you need to move somewhere which means you need a place to stay. Speak of buying a home, you can find many information that you need about new place and new building through internet, and for sure, this way caters you convenience as you don’t need to go around, more if you are not very familiar with the new place. Online, you will find many property websites online to that provide you with such information such as price range, kind of house to buy, and many other.

But first you need to locate where you’ll stay, and if it is Westerville, you need Westerville Ohio realtors to assist you finding information about anything that you need related to the new surrounding. Even though you can go directly to the neighborhood, however, observing your new neighborhood from a far it caters you more benefits as you can learn anything that you need to know about the house, the neighborhood, the price and the options as well.

Still, it is not necessary for you to glue into this one if you think that you can’t find a typical

The Advantageous Cash Advance Loan for You

Overall, all the things that you need to understand is the payback system. It is good for you to know it deeply since it will avoid you from any trouble that may happen to you. The most important thing is you know when you should pay it. If you want to have further information about cash advance loan, just go visit . Via this website, you will know more about cash advance loan. It lets you to get the best thing and learn about the cash advance loan clearly. This is the thing that you should do before you really apply for the loan.

There are so many banks or financial institution that offers to the people about the loan. That is something that has been familiar among the society right now. People with difficult financial condition may select the loan as they need additional finance to cover all the things that they need. However, not all the people are granted when they apply for the loan. It is because they need to have several things required by the bank or financial institution. Hence, those who are not granted will have no chance to get the loan, but they still

Several Things about Lottery Provider

There are various gambling sites that can be visited. They offer a great range of games while some others only limit to specific games. All of them can be considered as gambling provider, and there is one company focusing on single game known as lottery. Lottery is quite interesting and demanding game. It is due to the fact that the payout generated from wining a lottery is massive. On the other hand, it requires luck and even experience to make absolute profit out of it. Considering the luck, people have different fate about that. However, it can be sharpened by the presence of experience.

Experience in gambling is derived from specific calculation on how the numbers are revealed. Historically, there had been some winners because they counted using probability algorithm in math. Blackjack is one game that is typically experimented for this purpose. Lottery, including Irish lottery, however, is not excessively counted before the game because of the complexity of the system. It actually makes sense since a person has to reveal the exact number from 01 to 59 5 times in a row while combine the number with another number ranging from 01 to

Enjoying the Retired Life in Florida

Whether you’re thinking about retirement or looking for a place for your elderly loved ones to settle down in, relaxing peacefully is made easy with independent living in Florida for seniors. There is no better way for senior citizens to relax and spend time with friends than in the comfort of a facility that meets all of their personal needs.

Worry Free Living

As you get older, it is easy to get overwhelmed and exhausted with day-to-day activities. For seniors, basic tasks such as cooking and cleaning can be too much after a long day. Within the right community, many elderly individuals can enjoy home-cooked meals by professionally trained chefs, as well as receive care for any of their extra needs.

Staying Socially Active

It may seem like a small community is difficult to make friends in, but with the availability of social programs and events, an independent living facility is a great place to connect with other people that want the same things out of life. Activities like these can include events at the fitness center, scheduling appointments at the hair salon, swimming in the pool or enjoying a cocktail with your neighbors.

Independent living offers seniors the opportunity to continue living their

On the Go

Apartment living can be a convenient alternative home ownership, but there are different types of apartments with different strengths and weaknesses. Typically, people opt for an unfurnished apartment. This allows a renter to fill the apartment with the furniture they want, instead of someone else’s. This allows them the chance to personalize and customize their home. However, there are times when an unfurnished apartment isn’t optimal.

For people whose work keeps them on the go and moving on a frequent basis, it may pay off if they try getting a furnished apartment. A furnished apartment offers a few advantages over an unfurnished one, particularly for people who are always on the move. These apartments mean less worry about furniture. If you know you’ll have to move again every six months, this can help lower the costs of your move tremendously.

Furnished apartments offer less personalization, but they do allow you more flexibility. They can even be suitable if you’re moving to a new city but aren’t prepared to move in all your belongings yet. These apartments can let you live comfortably in a new city while decided if it’s the part of town that you will want to stay in permanently.

Now Is The Time

The Housing Market has been through some tough times over the last 15 years. Due to changes in the market and the impact of the Great Recession, there was a period of time when the housing market was struggling. This was linked to a poor economy and a lack of jobs. However, recently, there have been signs of improvement.

New Home Communities are popping up all over the place with the increase in the housing market’s health. Sales of U.S. homes have been rising fast, and actually reached an eight year high in June. This shows just how high the demand for homes has been, and indicates that the housing market is bouncing back strong after suffering through the recession.

Other signs showing how healthy the market has been has been the rise of mortgage rates. Even though this kind of rise in rates can hurt the sale of homes, it also shows that the market is confident that sales will continue. Rates normally only rise this way when the market is strong, and the future looks bright for anyone hoping to get into home ownership. Although, they may want to do so before mortgage rates increase any further.

Top Vanguard REIT ETF

The Vanguard REIT ETF (NYSEARCA: VNQ) is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that invests in real estate investment trusts, or REITs, and is up 8.84% since its inception in 2004. The REITs own office buildings, hotels and other real estate property. Real estate is a very different asset than stocks and bonds and may provide a good way for investors to diversify their portfolios.

VNQ had assets of around $50 billion in June of 2015. All of the REITs the fund holds are publicly traded. The fund seeks to track the performance of the MSCI US REIT Index by investing in the components of that index.

REITs are securities traded on stock exchanges that invest in real estate. There are three types of REITs. Equity REITs invest in and own properties and derive income from the rental of properties. Mortgage REITs invest in mortgages by buying them directly or investing in mortgage-backed securities (MBS). Hybrid REITs are a combination of the equity and mortgage REITs.

REITs are required to comply with a number of regulations. One major point is REITs must distribute at least 90% of their taxable incomes per year to investors. They are then allowed to deduct these dividends paid from their

6 Reasons To Postpone Home Ownership

Homeownership has long been the American dream, but if you are unprepared, that dream can easily become a nightmare. With interest rates still hovering near record lows and the economy picking up steam, many are thinking that now is the right time to buy. After all, there is a real chance the U.S. Federal Reserve will raise interest rates in 2016, increasing the cost of borrowing money to make a home purchase. But home ownership isn’t for everyone. From the costs to the maintenance, here are six reasons you may not be ready to buy a home. (Read more in “The Hidden Costs of Home Ownership.”)
6. You Would Become House Poor

Far too many first-time home buyers rush into the process without really thinking through whether or not they can afford it. They get a mortgage preapproval for the maximum they are allowed to borrow and then go out shopping for a home at the top of their budget. But there’s more to life than owning a home. If buying the home you want would mean spending all of your money paying mortgage, maintaining the house and paying the utilities, it may not be the right time to make a

How a LendingTree Mortgage Works

A consumer in search of a mortgage has several options. He can visit a local bank or credit union. He can go online and submit an application with a broker, who then places the loan with one of the wholesale lenders in his network. Another option is to use a service such as LendingTree.

LendingTree is not a mortgage lender or broker. Rather, it is a third-party service that takes a borrower’s information and submits it to multiple bankers and brokers within its vast network. These companies then compete for the borrower’s business. LendingTree’s selling point is that competition drives down prices, so mortgage bankers and brokers offer lower rates and fees when they know they are in direct competition with several others.

The LendingTree Process

The first step to obtaining a LendingTree mortgage is to submit an application, either on the company’s website or by calling its 800 number. The application asks the standard questions a borrower finds on any mortgage application. LendingTree wants to know a borrower’s income, assets, debts, occupation and length of time at his current job, and Social Security number (SSN) so a credit report can be pulled.

LendingTree does not actually process a borrower’s application in-depth, nor does

7 Solutions for Homeowners Struggling with their Mortgage

Solution #1: Refinance to a Longer-term Loan

Spacing your loan out over a longer period is one option that can reduce your monthly payment amount. Refinancing to a longer-term loan is the simplest way to reduce monthly mortgage payments–especially when cash flow is a problem, according to Al Hensling, president of United American Mortgage in Irvine, California.

However, it’s important to note that your interest rate will increase. To offset this, Matt Hackett, underwriting, and operations manager at
 New York-based Equity Now says the majority of mortgages have no prepayment penalty:“As a result, once your financial situation improves, I recommend making higher payments to increase the speed at which you pay down the principal,” says Hackett.

He also advises homeowners to make sure pre-payments are allowed without penalty and suggests they determine the difference between their current rate and the new rate on the longer term loan to see if it makes sense.
Solution #2: Refinance to an ARM

Refinancing to an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) is a viable option if you’ve almost finished paying off your mortgage. “More and more consumers recognize the financial benefits an adjustable rate mortgage can provide under the right circumstances,” says Hensling. A perfect example is a homeowner

How Disney (DIS) Has Managed to Deliver for Decades

The Walt Disney Co. (DIS) is expected to report fourth-quarter fiscal 2015 earnings on Nov 5, 2015. Will the entertainment giant be able to deliver a favorable earnings surprise — perhaps based on the $4 billion Disney Studios has earned this year (to Oct. 7)? Does cost-cutting at ESPN portend more trouble for the Disney-owned cash cow? Or will it’s airing of a long-lost film — “Sleigh Bells,” last seen in 1928 and featuring long-forgotten character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit — be the best news to come from Disney this week? We’ll soon find out.

What is clear is that with its famous history, place in popular culture and the instantly recognizable silhouette in its logo, Disney is only an animation studio in the same way that Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is only a baby powder manufacturer.
The Many Faces of Mickey

Through organic growth and acquisition, Disney has become not only a massive entertainment conglomerate but a complex one. The company has achieved that rare and remarkable accomplishment of operating several successful concerns (e.g. ESPN, Lucasfilm, Marvel Entertainment, 32% of Hulu) that most customers don’t even realize are under the Disney umbrella. The company’s subsidiaries and offshoots run the gamut from

The Smartest Way to Tap Your Home Equity

When it becomes necessary to come up with a pile of cash, many homeowners see a second loan on their house as the easiest and most convenient way to accomplish this. Even those who have other assets can find this avenue appealing, because they may not want to sell taxable holdings that will generate capital gains or pay withdrawal penalties on early IRA or retirement plan distributions. Those who borrow on their home equity have three options from which to choose, and the best one for any given customer will depend upon their circumstances and objectives. (For more, see: How Interest Rates Work on a Mortgage.)

Secondary Home Loans: The Landscape

Secondary home loans are divided into three categories:

  • Second Mortgages. Also known as Home Equity Loans, this type of home loan is the most structured, and they essentially mirror primary mortgages. They can have fixed or variable interest rates, but the rate is usually fixed and is typically higher than for the first mortgage. These loans are amortized at the beginning and also have a set term, such as 15 years. Each payment received is divided between interest and principal in the same manner as a primary mortgage and they cannot be

Which Online Mortgage Lender is the Best

Mortgage lenders aren’t evaluated on a single, linear metric. Rarely is there a universal way of stating objectively that Lender A is “better” than Lender B. If you’re a borrower with excellent credit and a flawless history of making payments on previous mortgages, the best lender for you might not be the best lender for a first-time homeowner who just emerged from bankruptcy. That’s in much the same way that the best credit card for Charles Koch (probably the American Express Co. (AXP) Centurion card, with its personal shoppers, worldwide travel insurance, and $2,500 annual fee) isn’t the best credit card for Jose the air-conditioning technician at your local Jiffy Lube. In his case, that’s probably a secured Visa Inc. (V) card with a 20% interest rate and a $75 deposit requirement.

If you’re looking specifically for an online mortgage lender, we’re assuming that you’re going out of your way not to deal with a brick-and-mortar lender. Unfortunately, most unimaginative and non-enterprising borrowers start the process by trying to get a mortgage with the same bank they use for checking and deposits. That’s crazy for

5 Unusual Ways To Come Up With A Home Down Payment

Supplement Your Income With a Part-Time Job

One of the byproducts of the real estate meltdown of a few years ago is more stringent requirements to get a mortgage. Long gone are the days of 100% financed mortgages and zero document loans. These days’ banks and lenders are going to require a lot of paper work, a debt to income ratio of no more than about 43% and 20% down. Some lenders will accept a lower down payment, but usually borrowers pay for it in the interest rate. Borrowers who come to the table with less than 20% typically face private mortgage insurance (PMI) that can increase the mortgage payment by $100 or more each month. Because of the extra cost borrowers should do everything they can to come up with the down payment and one option is to get a part-time job to supplement their income. By getting a second job and putting all the money into a savings vehicle to be used only for the down payment not only will they be able to increase their nest egg but they’ll be too busy working to spend extra money.
Look For Down Payment Assistance Programs

Most people who don’t have enough

Why Zillow Is Free and How It Makes Money

On Zillow, it’s free to list a home for sale by owner or agent and to list a property for rent. Zillow’s online and mobile search tools – including its smartphone app – let users search for property and view estimated property values for free, too. How is Zillow Group, Inc. (Z) able to offer all these services for free and still make money? Let’s find out. (Note: Zillow is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zillow Group, which also owns Trulia. This article is specifically about Zillow.)

Ad Sales to Property Management Companies

One way Zillow makes money is by charging property management companies to advertise their listings on the Zillow Rental Network, which includes websites from Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO), Hotpads, MyNewPlace, AOL Real Estate, MSN Real Estate and HGTV’s Front Door. Zillow sends qualified leads – prospective renters – to these advertisers to help them maximize the return on investment on their advertising dollars. The company has identified rentals as a large market opportunity, with property owners spending about $5 billion per year to get and keep renters. Renters move more often than homeowners, and property owners have to spend money on advertising and lease concessions to fill units. In

5 Ways Overvaluing Your Home Can Hurt You

Buyers May Miss The Home Altogether

Buyers typically have a range regarding how much they plan on spending for their new home, and if the house is above that range, there’s a strong possibility they will move on to the next home. Since the majority of home searches start on the Internet, sellers could limit their audience simply because their home is overvalued. Internet search engines typically offer search ranges, and if the home is priced outside the range, buyers won’t even see it in their search result pages. Let’s say you priced your home at $310,000 when it’s truly valued at $285,000. Anyone looking in the $200,000 to $300,000 range isn’t going to see your listing show up. But if you listed it at $300,000 it would appear in the search results.
Your House Will Languish On The Market

One of the worst things home sellers want to see happen is for their home to languish on the market for weeks or months on end. For home sellers who overprice their houses, that’s often the case. Once a house sits on the market for weeks or worse months, buyers smell desperation. That desperation means buyers are going to balk at paying

ou’re Fired! Trump’s Best Apprentice Axe

First airing in 2004, “The Apprentice” introduced a new generation to the bluster and hijinks of real estate mogul (and Republican Presidential hopeful) Donald J. Trump. Each week, the reality show pitted two teams of contestants against each other in business challenges. At the end of each episode, the weakest contestants from the losing team would be placed on the chopping block to be fired by the Donald and his close advisors. The ultimate prize was a one-year gig running one of Trump’s enterprises for a salary of $250,000. Through the years, the show has seen its share of dramatic departures, and here are the most infamous.

(See also, “Donald Trump Success Story: Net Worth, Education & Top Quotes” and “A Look Into Donald Trump’s Many Income Sources.”)

5. Bradford Cohen: Humility Is an Asset

Starting things off, we have Bradford Cohen from season 2 who was given a lesson in the danger of hubris. After gaining immunity for successfully completing the prior week’s challenge, Bradford inexplicably waived his exemption. He was so confident in his overall performance that he arrogantly placed himself on the chopping block. A stunned Trump, who is no stranger to hubris himself, chastised Cohen and promptly fired him